Uninstall PureKit

Use this workflow to move away from Pure without having to put your users through registering again. This can be carried out by decrypting the encrypted database backup (users password hashes included) and replacing the encrypted data with it.

Prepare your recovery key

In order to recover the original password hashes, you need to prepare your recovery private key.

If you don't have a recovery key, then you have to ask your users to go through the registration process again to restore their passwords.

Decrypt encrypted password hashes

Now use your recovery private key to get original password hashes:

crypto := virgil_crypto_go.NewVirgilCrypto() privateKey, err := crypto.ImportPrivateKey([]byte(recoveryPrivateKey), "") if err != nil{ return err } decryptedPasswordHash, err := crypto.Decrypt(encryptedPasswordHash, privateKey)

Save the decrypted users password hashes into your database. After the recovery process is done, you can delete all the Pure data and the recovery keypair.