Virgil Security Documentation

Virgil Security provides developers with a Security Platform as a Service for your product. Protect sensitive data and comply with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and more.

E3Kit: End-to-End Encryption

Open-source client-side framework for developing encrypted communication solutions.

  • Strong one-to-one and group encryption
  • Perfect forward and backward secrecy
  • Works with native secrets management systems like Keychain
  • Integration with any CPaaS providers like Firebase or PubNub
  • Compliance with data privacy standards and laws: GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more
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PureKit: Password and Data Protection

Open-source server-side framework for user passwords and data protection in databases.

  • Encrypting sensitive data at rest in databases
  • Protecting users’ passwords against online and offline attacks
  • Encrypting data per-user by deriving encryption keys from passwords, using a secure two-party protocol
  • Data access control based on encryption key management
  • Encrypting and sharing files of any size at rest in storage
  • Post-compromise data protection based on key rotation, which doesn't require re-encryption of data
  • Compliance with all known data protection and data privacy legislation acts (like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.)
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Secure Communications Platform (coming soon)

Protect your company communications, intellectual property and privacy.

  • Messaging. Direct and group chats, file transfer, synchronised conversation history
  • Voice & Video Calls. Real-time calling capabilities within web, desktop, and mobile
  • Security. End-to-end encryption with Post-quantum cryptography support
  • Development. Platform APIs and SDKs enable integration for multiple platforms and IoT
  • Chat features. Media messages, read receipts, push notifications, etc.
  • Identities. Integration with existing Identity Providers to authenticate and discover users
  • IoT. Providing, emulators, SDKs, and libraries to integrate with the Platform
  • Dedicated. Use our Cloud Platform or set up the Platform in your infrastructure

IoTKit: End-to-End Security for IoT

All-in-one DevKit. Set of services and toolkits for secure IoT development and management.

  • Multi-layered security, from manufacturing to the end-user experience
  • Simple API for connecting any types of crypto library and SECMODULE
  • Set of tools for secure IoT infrastructure management
  • Secure IoT device provision at any lifecycle stage
  • IoT Device identification and authentication
  • Secure boot and encrypted communication
  • Secure Firmware and TrustList distribution
  • Works with any transport protocol like BLE, Wi-Fi, PLC, NoiseSocket, etc.
  • Protected software storage for sensitive data
  • C++ integration based on Qt crossplatform library
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WaveKit: Vehicle-To-Everything Secure Communication

Open-source framework for protecting vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication.

  • Framework to register and manage the security services for V2X communications
  • Set of security services, such as, ECA, RA, PCA, LA, CRL Manager, Policy Generator
  • Ability to integrate with any radio modules, including 5G, for IEEE 1609
  • Securety credential management system (SCMS) for V2X applications and easy-to-run production systems, smart city pilots or technology trials
  • V2X Simulator to emulate V2X communication, debugging, provisioning and configuring OBU and RSU units
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