Data Subject

This guide describes how you can group data in your database while using Virgil PureKit for data encryption.

Data is any kind of information, including text, files, audio and video, as well as logs and other system records that have been translated into a form that is efficient for movement or processing. Every data is related to a person, system or organization in some fields like social, healthcare, governmental, educational, etc. Read more about data and its types here.

Before starting encrypting any data, you can unite them into a group and set a special ID (dataId) for this data group. Then you can specify dataId while using one of data encryption methods.

Data ID

A dataId - is a name of a specific data group. Each dataId has its own CKP (cell key pair), therefore you can encrypt data in several ways:

  • Encrypt all user's data with one CKP (one dataId).
  • Encrypt user's data with several CKPs (a few dataId).

One key for all data

This method implies that all user's data will be encrypted with the same encryption key (CKP).

Note that if a user needs to share some data (for example, their email) with some other users or external services, the user will share the CKP, which other users will be able to decrypt the user's data with (not only email field). So, the best way to share data is to group them.

Several keys for data

This method implies that users can unite data into specific groups with unique dataId (for example, personal, contacts, educational, etc.).