This guide shows how to initialize SCMS module and manage DCM certificates using Virgil CLI.

Initialize SCMS module in application

This command inits SCMS services for application:

virgil scms init --app-id <App ID>


Alice inits SCMS module for her application:

> virgil scms init --app-id f96d01da...9aa388ac
Application successfully inited.

Create DCM certificate

This command is used to generate DCM certificate for application:

virgil scms dcm create --name <DCM Name> --encrypt-pub-key <Base64 Key> --verify-pub-key <Base64 Key> --app-token <App Token>


Alice creates a DCM sertificate:

> virgil scms dcm create --name MyCertificate --app-token AT.2Ml2bTMsClW...rwoZMMJOwjVw  --encrypt-pub-key MFkwEwYHKoZIzj0C...XsbVX+fRVcoA== --verify-pub-key MFkwEwYHKoZ...1coVZ8qeFVydm6VQQ==

As a result, the JSON file will contain the following:

        "name": "new",
        "certificate": "gAMAgJPhdB4/Imn7VYEmMT...MKEDYJlbhCqrQYf9",
        "eca_address": "",
        "eca_certificate": "gAMAgJPhdB4/Imn...TyaqDjK1MtMDD8s=",
        "ra_address": "",
 "lccf": "AYCBAAADAAMVcmEudmlyZ2l...qg4ytTLTAw/LAQA="

Get DCM certificates list

This command is used to get DCM certificates for application:

virgil scms dcm list --app-token <App Token>


Alice lists her DCM certificates:

 > virgil scms dcm list --app-token AT.NphpFRypJD...i9jH2mTOrus

|      Certificate name   |         created_at
|           MyCertificate | 2019-09-04 15:25:02.545255 +0000 UTC

Get SCMS devices

This command is used to get list of SCMS devices:

virgil scms devices list --app-token <App Token>