Virgil Security has pricing plans that work for startups and enterprises alike to secure your data and ecosystem without having to build your own security team.

What does Virgil Security offer?

  1. Seamless Key Management: In addition to the public key directory and user authentication that connects to many popular services, Virgil’s SDKs manage to generate a private key in a way that only that user can see it but still allow other users to send messages for that private key to decrypt.
  2. No Need to Roll Your Own Crypto: Virgil’s crypto libraries contain algorithms developed by the world’s leading cryptographers and support one-on-one, group communication, Perfect Forward Secrecy and Double Ratchet. You won’t find a more advanced open source library out there for multi-platform support.
  3. Compatibility Across Almost Every Device and Platform: Each device, operating system and language stores information differently. We’ve put in years of hard work to build out a suite of SDKs that work across any device your user might have, including web browsers, iOS, Android, IoT and servers.

Pricing plans

Virgil Security's pricing is simple and is designed to scale with you as your user or device count grows. As outlined on the Pricing page, there are four tiers for E3Kit and PureKit usage:

  1. 0-250 users: Free
  2. 250-5,000 users: $99/month
  3. 5,000-100,000 users: $0.019/month per user
  4. +100k: Contact Us

Users can be deleted from your Virgil Security application by application developers.

Why is an open-source service not free?

Virgil Security's crypto library and Virgil Core SDK are free and open source to ensure transparent security. They provide the necessary encryption algorithms, but not the foundational key management that powers these E3Kit features:

  1. Private and public key generation and storage
  2. Multi-device access for end users
  3. Private key backup (i.e. recoverable encrypted data)
  4. Dynamic group chats

For more details, see the Pricing page.