Multi-Device Support

This section shows how to share private keys between multiple user devices (both smartphone and browser) in order to allow users to access their encrypted messages and data.

Note that different browsers on the same physical device are also considered different "devices".

Keyknox storage

Virgil Keyknox Service is a secure storage for sensitive data of your users, including their private keys backup. With Vigil Keyknox your users can securely store keys as well as sync and share them between their devices.

The current recommended way to achieve multi-device support with E3Kit is to generate the user's private key on their original device, and regenerate it in any new device they authenticate with. This can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Securely back up user's private key to Virgil Cloud
  2. Check whether the private key already exists on the current device
  3. Restore user's private key from the backup