Post-Quantum Encryption

In this guide you'll learn how to encrypt data with post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms of the Virgil E3Kit. Find out about the PQC algorithms that are used in E3Kit in this article and learn about post-quantum encryption in E3Kit in the PQC white paper.

Enable post-quantum algorithms

Providing post-quantum cryptography to your encryption methods will require you to return way back to the E3Kit initialization step. Among other EThreeParams, you need to add KeyPairType and specify post-quantum algorithm type (Round5 - for encryption and Falcon - for signature).

You can find the example of the initialization code in the corresponding section of the Set Up Client guide.

Encrypt and decrypt data

After modifying the initialization, you can go on implementing post-quantum encryption the exact same way as Default Encryption, but the encrypt and sign methods will now be automatically using PQC algorithms instead of the default ones.


Not compatible with Double Ratchet and Group Encryption

Post-quantum algorithms aren't compatible with Double Ratchet and Group Encryption and don't work together. To use Double Ratchet and Group Encryption, disable post-quantum.