Application cards

This guide shows how to manage your application Cards using Virgil CLI.

Configuration file

Config file is a json which contains App Key, App Key ID, App ID. You'll need the configuration file to manage your application cards.

It can be generated on Virgil Dashboard or manually.

Config file example:

  "APP_KEY": "1234567890",
  "APP_KEY_ID": "12345678901234567890",
  "APP_ID": "12345678901234567890"

Search cards

This command searches for Virgil Cards by their identity:

virgil cards search -c <file> <identity>
-c <file>Configuration file name.


Alice has her config.json configuration file and has created some Virgil Cards. She searches for her cards using the config file and her identity (for example, her e-mail):

> virgil cards search -c config.json [email protected]

|                    Card Id    |                        Public key    |         created_at
|6d5f57da2dff7...95c36caebcaf9e |   MCowBQYDK2VwAyE...n1rjv+0yh6uoRSk= |2019-06-18 13:11:24 +0300 EEST
|c50492efbe7aa...1f8fb1f6c9a8f3 |   MCowBQYDK2VwAyE...hpLZoTSq0+9GRps= |2019-06-18 13:11:30 +0300 EEST
|d56aec1cf41ec...176b14f000eadf |   MCowBQYDK2VwAyE...NakGAI3N0B3HhUA= |2019-06-18 13:11:29 +0300 EEST
|e03be590dff90...4e077ba112be7d |   MCowBQYDK2VwAyE...iijiPWLy1EGDLf8= |2019-06-18 13:11:28 +0300 EEST

Revoke card

This command revokes a Virgil Card by its identity:

virgil cards revoke -c <file> -i <identity> [card_id]
-c <file>Configuration file name.
-i <identity>Card identity, mandatory.


Alice wants to revoke one of her cards:

> virgil cards revoke -c config.json -i [email protected] 6d5f57da2dff7...95c36caebcaf9e
Are you sure, that you want to delete card (y/n) ?:
> y
Card successfully deleted.