End-to-End Encryption

Encryption is at the heart of Virgil Security's E3Kit. If you've reached here, congratulations! You're one step away from adding top-notch security to your app.

Feature Comparison

E3Kit provides a set of encryption methods that have each their own advantages and disadvantages and ideal use cases. We've prepared a table that sums up the differences between each method based on their supported features. For most use cases, Default Encryption and Group Encryption are the best options.

Default/Post-QuantumGroup EncryptionDouble RatchetStream EncryptionTemporary Encryption
End-to-end Encryption
Digital Signature
Perfect Forward Secrecy
Multi-device Support
Multi-recipient Support
Access to History
Unregistered Recipient Support
Data Stream Support

Find out more about each of these feautures in this guide.

Encryption types

Discover how to add the encryption of your choice to your application with the following guides: